Welcome you to SIMPLETEC Magazine online.

SIMPLETEC is a magazine that was created to help music educators succeed in today's digital world. When ever I talk to someone who is so excited about a new discovery in technology - whether it is a new feature on a keyboard or a new cool app for their iPad.

It is not about technology, about features on a keyboard, or a hot recording software program - it is really about personal empowerment and enrichment though our digital world we live in. It is about removing the digital straight-jacket of confusion so that anyone can move freely in technology, and so that any can achieve their dreams and goals.

This is our commitment to you. We have already assemble an awesome publishing team to take on this initiative - music educators that eat, sleep and dream technology, writers that know how to make technology easy to understand, and even manufactures that are dedicated to making sure you have to instruments and tools needed to get you to the moon. Thanks so much for checking out our new magazine and stay tuned, this is only the beginning.

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